Thursday, March 12, 2009

An incubator

So when you are driving down the road and you see this big white hunk of metal sitting at the end of someones drive patiently waiting for the local sanitation crew, what do you do? Keep driving, right? Some may say yes(!) but if you're Andy you stop, pick it up, put it in the back of your truck and dream about turning that big hunk of metal into an incubator. And so he did.He purchased the thermostat from the local farm store, but most of what's inside came from around the house and the barn. A couple of the items found around the house may still be up for debate though. My baking dish, which appears to be housing a very large, very dirty looking sponge, falls into that debate category.
The excitement factor around here is pretty high. There has been quite a bit of this going on, "Hey, guess what happens in about 28 1/2 days?" Hey, you know what we're going to have in just 27 more days? 26 more days guessed it, baby duckies!"
It makes it pretty fun that Owen is able to participate too. The eggs have to be turned several times a day, so at least two times a day Owen gets to pretend he is a little ducky parent turning the eggs so his babies will hatch. (It would be pretty nice if OUR ducks would hatch their own eggs, but they really aren't in to that whole parenting thing you know).

So, we know have a very large incubator in the middle of our house with 16 duck eggs inside. Andy has suggested naming them all. Duck names. Duck names? Well, I guess we have about 25 more days to think on that one.


  1. What about some German names? I love Schnattchen. I will let you know how to pronounce it later. After all, you still have 25 days to practice.... :-)

  2. How exciting Jaime. Your husband has talent! I just made Coby come read your Good luck with the duckies ya'll. Can't wait to see pics.

  3. Eva said...
    The incudator is realy cool!
    You could name the chicks after people, I'm sure Owen would love a chick named after him.

  4. Good Job Andy! I can wait to see these new babies! Just make sure those eggs don't get too near the woodstove- not a pleasant thought. Love this post!

  5. Supposed to say "can't"- but you probably know what I meant- trying to type quietly during my wee hours of "free time" you know!