Friday, March 27, 2009

The clouds part

Finally! After two days of rain the clouds part allowing the sun just enough room to squeeze past them so that we could enjoy some hot tea together on our front stoop. There are few things more pleasurable than sitting outside with my sweet boy sipping some tea. I love watching his little hands wrap around his tiny cup. Laughing at the goats. Listening to the ducks. Letting the sun warm our cheeks. A moment of peace. Being together and enjoying the company of the other. And then he's off. All we can do is watch as that quick moving boy races around the yard bounding from one activity to the next. Most of us around here can rarely keep his pace for any length of time. I feel pretty fortunate that he has other playmates around...
the four-legged variety.


  1. A little goat would be a fun playmate! Glad you're finally getting some sun.

  2. Oh thanks RuthieJ. We are pretty thrilled about it too.