Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I can fill my days dreaming up things to do with my kids, games we can play, projects we can work on, and always things I would like to make for them. It is such a joy when the stars align and suddenly I find the time in my day when I can pull one of those ideas from my head and then finally, after a few busily working moments , hold it in my hands.

I have had this one swirling around in my head for quite some time now. Lately, Owen has been showing an interest in matching and memory games. I remember loving the game concentration when I was little and I thought I could make something similar to it, but make it so it's a little more personal.

Our kids have lots of loving family members that live far away from us and it is sad that we can't see them as often as we would like to. I have been asked countless times a day if we could please "go to Aunt Carols house and go sliding down dat big ol' hill." It's hard to help this sweet boy understand "even if we left right after we ate our lunch and drove and drove we still wouldn't get there until tomorrow..."

So, this is it. Our Far Away Family game of Concentration. Some of our very favorite pictures of the people we love sandwiched between contact paper (for Owen and Carmel because they both seem to like eating pictures) and fabric with a soft sweet flower print( for me, just because I thought it was pretty).

I may find myself making lots of these. Just think of all the possibilities, bugs, matching trees and their leaves, matching little animals with their tracks (you know, to brush up on the ol' tracking skills), matching seeds with plants from our garden.....I could go on here. I love it.


  1. Good learning tool for the little ones. I would like to play it with Owen. Make sure to bring it over next time you visit. I bet he has some cute stories with this game.

  2. He is so into this right now. We played from naptime until bedtime last night and again this morning. We're still working on the rules of the game a bit, but really, what's the rush?