Friday, January 23, 2009

A wintry walk

It was so beautiful today that it was impossible to resist the temptation to pack up the kids and head out for a walk in one of our local state parks.

Owen "read" every sign to me. "All da trees in da forest stand up and have (l)eaves (l)ike dis," (He doesn't really use those L's yet. It will be a sad day for me when he starts to.). It was pretty amusing to see what he was coming up with for each sign we passed.

He was mesmerized by all the ice and snow resting on top of the water. Each footprint he saw making its way through the snow he wanted to know, "now, whose dis (l)ittle guy?" One afternoon in the woods with him and I left feeling like I needed to rush home and go through my collection of field guides so I could be an expert tracker by our next outing. "Well now son, that appears to be the print from the weasel family quite possibly the Long Tail Weasel judging from the elongated portion of the such and such.", something like that I imagined for the next time. He may have to save those questions for his pops since Andy is much more likely to actually KNOW. And really, Owen doesn't care that I don't know the answers. He's just happy we're there together. Me too.

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  1. What great pictures of our little one. He is so precious. I love your comments. I am always entertained!