Monday, February 16, 2009

Carm's "new" chair

Lately our meals have been a test of great speed and agility. Mostly these tests are in the form of trying to quickly leap from our seats to catch any number of meal-type items being whipped simultaneously from our tiny kitchen table by both infant and toddler. At any given moment we might find a fork, butter dish, plate, and/or salt shaker all whirling through the air at the same time in some erratic flight pattern. It's any ones guess if we will actually save the item from certain death, but still, it's required that one try. The butter dish was our most recent casualty. Shattered glass. Mutilated butter. Poor beautiful butter dish. R.I.P.

Now I'm not sure why I thought it was a good idea to put Carmel in one of those attach-it-to-the-table highchair numbers, but I can assure you it was NOT the right decision. We were having to move everything out of Carmel's reach because, as Owen says, "she's a little grabber." She can cover a good 55% of the table which really leaves the rest of the meal-type items on Owens half, until he starts juggling the dishware and we slide it away from him towards the other side of the table.... You see the problem here right?

So, this morning Andy headed to the barn and fetched the highchair we had used with Owen.

Owen and I spent part of the morning getting it cleaned up and ready to go and tonight for dinner we were able to try it out. Now I figure that tonight we were able to use, in total, 60% more dinner table space than we did last night. So, there's the 55% that Carmel was using and then the extra 5%, you know, comes from the space that my butter dish is no longer using.

Right, so, dinner was nice tonight. I do miss the butter dish though.


  1. Please write a childrens book, Jaime! I will never stop asking until you say, ok. I know I'm not the only person that thinks you should. I make my friend, Stephanie read you blog everyday. She too has a blog thats super cute. I feel like I actually know your children and can't wait until the next chapter ( or the next post, lol) to see whats going to happen. OMG!!! -Florida

  2. Florida (J.L.)-- You are just incredibly sweet. Thank you! I am so glad to know that you are checking in with us. It makes posting so much fun.