Saturday, January 24, 2009

A picture story

Meet our family.

This is SkunkNut. He stinks. We try to love him.This is Snowbell (specifically, this is Snowbell yesterday afternoon at 12:02). She is super fat with babies. She does NOT stink. We REALLY love her.

This is Snowbell yesterday afternoon at 4:00PM. BABIES! BABIES! BABIES!

This is one very happy and excited boy.

This is Andy about to teach our new sweet little girl where the heat lamp is just before the temperature took its big plunge last night.

Our new baby enjoying the warmth.

This is Owen being "farm boy who takes care of his baby goats"

Proud momma!

Ideas for names? Anyone? Anyone?


  1. Emily Grace thinks good goat names would be "Sally" and "Muddor". And Sonia wonders if goats could be house broken.

  2. Oh My Gosh! We are so excited! Two babies? They are adorable- Wren wants to come see them. Jason says name one "Cougar"- Hah! I say one should be "Snowflake".

  3. You should name one "milk dud" and the white one "bearded lady". p.s. i love my hat.

  4. Actually, I like the name Cougar (for 'ittle skunknut) and Lily of the Valley(for 'ittle snowbell). All the names in the comments are good. Good Luck!

  5. How about Billy, Bell ,Snickers,Spunky.
    I know how about Wizzy and Wozza.
    They are all good names. Good Luck