Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Paper Flight

For the last two weeks or so these paper planes have been whizzing through the air all around us.  Some time after they make their final descent, they can usually be found under tables, stuck in lighting fixtures, behind furniture, and often on top of most high horizontal surfaces-shelves, refrigerator, kitchen cabinets and other hard to reach places.  I have been watching these planes fly around just above my head (often way too close to my head and even in to my head) thinking they had really summed up my feeling about the holiday season for me- in flight.  I finally feel like we are a bit more grounded around here and it is feeling very very good.

I was also feeling quite content with my little guy running low on his supply of special airplane making paper. The making/folding of these planes is just really darn cute.  I love watching him study the pictures in these books so closely and watching his little hands, that are growing more and more capable everyday, fold up his little flying wonders.  That is all really fantastic.  It's the "test flights" that I find challenging, "Hey mama, watch this one!", and suddenly before there's any time to react an extremely fast moving plane with a rather pointy end is flying towards my eyeballs.  So, it's only for these "test flights" that I have had my eye set quite happily on that dwindling supply of paper.  It was all looking so good for this mama. 
                      Then, that clever little boy of mine found a way to recycle the junk mail.

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