Thursday, November 3, 2011

One year.

Happy Birthday to
Miss Adeline Jane.

 Exactly one year ago today my thoughts were totally consumed with a new and precious being about to join our family.  In the time leading up to her birth I would think, sometimes to myself and sometimes aloud, "Oh how I can't wait to meet you.  What will your little hand be like to hold?  How will you smile?  What will your sweet laughing sound like when it travels through our home?  How will your chin be?  How will your eyes be?  Will you know how much we adore you?"
One year later.  So many wonderful surprises have been revealed to us about our little girl in this first year.  We know that when she smiles she smiles with her whole face.  One big ear to ear infectious smile.  Her little laughs can fill a room, not to mention our hearts.  She is crazy about her brother and sister and watches them with the wide-eyed wonderment that only a younger sibling can know.  She is pure motion.  She's on the go and she's fast.  She is good for 1000 hugs a day (1 second each).  She prefers to be up early.  She climbs.  High. Really high.  She is part mountain goat.

We adore her.
She knows it.


  1. We adore her too. Happy Birthday Addie! You are a blessing to this world with that great big smile of yours - not to mention all your other talents. It looks like your day was very special indeed. Just look at how excited Owen is standing next to his sister! He is such a great older brother. Congrats Mama and Papa. You did great!

    Love, the Jones family.

  2. Happy Birthday my sweet little Addie! I can't wait to see your gifts - I'm sure your family picked out the most adorable little presents for you...and safe. Hugs and kisses, Gran

  3. Happy Birthday Addie!!
    Dillyn and I can't wait to see you again soon!

  4. Happy birthday addie!! we miss you and love you soo much
    love the newman family:)