Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Letter Satchel

A place for special things.

I have saved nearly all of the letters Owen has received over the years knowing that one day he would enjoy reading them for himself.  Though I have saved them, they have been scattered in various paper stacks throughout our house and have been in need of a special place to come together.  A few days ago I needed a quick sewing project to get my mind right (and I know there are some craft junkies out there who understand that so don't pretend not to!) and so, this became my sewing fix of choice.

There are a few websites and books that have patterns for letter cases, letter satchels, and/or document duvets that are worth checking out (like the ones here, here, here, here and my favorite, here).  Most of them are quite similar but it's still nice to see what other people are doing and what they have done historically to create special places for these small handwritten treasures that have become so rare. The pattern I used for Owen's came from the Handmade Home book, which is such a great go to book for quick sewing projects.  Owen chose the fabric for both his and his grandma's, from whom most of his letters come.  So naturally she will need her own letter case in order to house all of those wonderful hand written notes from her grandson that are certainly long overdue but soon on their way.

I guess it's time to start writing.

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