Friday, October 28, 2011

Ba Ba Black Sheep

 This is a little story set I put together for Carmel the other day.  The two of us sat down and set up a special place to put everything.   She was so excited to sing the song and play with it, but she had this odd sort of questioning look on her face the whole time.   When we were finished I asked her if she wanted to play with it alone for a bit.  After a lengthy pause she finally asked me why we were singing Ba Ba Black Sheep when the little black animal she was holding in her hand was clearly, a goat.

This, I could not argue with.  Maybe it would be useful to look at a picture of the animal one is attempting to make instead of guessing, but that's not what I did.  For now, we will just be exercising our imagination.  That's always good to do anyway.

I did end up searching Google images for "black sheep" and found a couple of strange looking sheep that bore a strong resemblance to our goat, pointed at the pictures and said, "Nope, it's a sheep.  See."

"Oohhhhh", she said.


  1. I am smiling, thanks for stopping by my blog, best of luck, creations a wool picture, cheers Marie

  2. What a great story!! I love it! Thanks for sharing it and for sharing your beautiful creation.

  3. What a beautiful story set, it is one of my goals to make sets of needle felted and wire wrapped dolls of all of the fairy tales. I love that you even made little bags of black wool!!