Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You Are Here

Andy and I used to walk through this park together often when we were in Minnesota.  I always looked forward to the deep peace I felt when we were there and how it seemed to linger long after we left.  I enjoyed winding around the trails there with no real sense of time, holding hands, brushing along the tall grasses and talking about our dreams.  They are beautiful memories that are always with me.

When we walked in to the park this year everything felt so different.  I could see stretching out along the trail in front of me how much things have changed and oh how we've multiplied.  I could never have imagined how much my heart would grow as we moved along the path of our dreams from a couple to a family.  I could never have imagined that a place where I once felt so much peace could change so much with the addition of just a few small people.

Now of course it is not quite as peaceful as you can imagine, but it does feel exciting and magical.  These kids notice everything!  They don't want to just walk around and chat.  They want to run and see what's behind the next bend.  They want to examine every spider web, taste all the wild grapes they can and then run fast, so fast to break open a milkweed pod and scatter the seeds.  And, they want us to do it with them.  I felt pulled to experience this place in such a new and different way.  It was wonderful.

It's a privilege to visit a place that offers such a clear reflection of the path Andy and I have traveled together and are still traveling.  To be able to see so clearly along a dirt path the richness and growth these people have brought into our lives is such a treasure.  It's such a good reminder...

You Are Here.

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