Thursday, September 8, 2011

Little foil things

 Today this mama is not feeling so hot.  This morning my main thought has been what sort of fabric I can make a handkerchief out of that won't leave my nose in agony.  It should be soft yet absorbent.  Jersey?  No too rough, I think.  Silk?  Hmm, soft but not absorbent.  And though I can keep myself occupied with thoughts like these for hours (seriously), my children can not.  So far this morning my tiny sweet faced little people have looked upon their red nosed droopy eyed mother and asked pleadingly only one singular question..."Can we pleeeeease do something fun?"  And although the answer in my head is, "noooo, I don't wanna.", the answer that actually came out of my mouth was, "Let's draw pictures with foil."   And there it is, I have now set the course of the day, which is certain to involve chasing Addie around to endlessly pull small bits of foil from clenched jaws.
*Please note the special appearance today.  We do love the unicorn.

And it's on to decorating little foil figures now I suppose, but still I can't stop thinking....terry cloth?  Absorbent, but maybe a little too rough.  Microfiber?  No, too weird feeling.  Interlock?  Maybe.

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