Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Drawing with flower petals

A few days ago Owen, Carmel and I went through the yard collecting zinnias so we could save the seeds.  I had no idea how enjoyable it would be for all of us to sit down together and gently, and sometimes not so gently, pull apart these lovely petals to expose the seeds.  We did several flower heads and with each one we finished we found our hands disappearing into this soft bed of colored petals, scooping them up and letting them fall between our fingers back into the box.  It was such a wonderful experience that we thought once we had collected our seeds we should do it again.  So a few days later, and now with more seeds than we actually need already put aside, we collected our flower heads again but this time with a project in mind.

Good fun for all of us!

 I did a quick search around on the Internet to see if we could find other projects to do but I wasn't able to come up with much.  So, if anyone knows of other projects to do with flower petals please let me know.


  1. What a colorful creation- I love what you do with all the petals. Is there someway you can glue or spray with something and frame under glass? How cool would that be.

  2. Mama-Yes! I would love that. I'm not sure though. I was thinking about making a copy to see how that worked.