Friday, September 16, 2011

Enlisting help

I remember seeing these several years ago here (and more recently here) and thinking what a clever idea this was.  At the time, we were no where near ready to have anyone packing their own bag but Owen is five now and I's time.

Some of the other pages have downloadable packing lists, but I really couldn't skip out on the fun of making one for ourselves.  Owen was so excited to watch this list being created, he kept running back..."What's that?...Now what do you have?  Should I get that ready now?    Are those jeans or pants?  Is that a stack of books?"  It went just like that until I was finished.  We went over the list while we colored and then he zipped up the steps to pack.

And now the scary part... I did not check that bag.  I have not checked his drawers to see what could be in that bag.  I have absolutely no idea what is in that bag.  All I know is that he packed it completely by himself, loaded it in the van, and now I'm laughing every time I think about what might be in there.

Should be interesting.

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