Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's you mama!

I have continued feverishly tossing things into bags all week in my great attempt to simplify our lives here at the ranch. "The ranch," our pet name for this modest one acre parcel here in southern Ohio that we have laid claim to. My apologies for going on and on about this whole simplifying bit, but it is about all I can think right now as I look with slanted eyes around each room of our house, "what else can go?" Clearly the image I have of myself during this whole process has not been missed by our sweet Carmel Adele. This is the picture she drew of me.

"It's you mama!"
Indeed it is my little darling, but hopefully it will all be over before too long.

For the next several days I will be sharing some pictures of what has been going on here at the ranch in between crazy mama's weed it out -get it out madness.

Until then.

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