Monday, January 31, 2011

Placket neck pullover

Two more sweaters from Last Minute Knitted Gifts not to be confused with More Last Minute Knitted Gifts, naturally. This is the placket neck pullover that I've knit before and will certainly knit again. I love the pattern (free here) and I love how quickly it knits up. Hmmn. There seems to be a pattern emerging here in the things I enjoy knitting. Apparently, it must be knit in the round (because that's easy and mindless), mostly knit stitches (because I don't like to purl), and quick (because I like instant gratification). Yes, I do believe that sums it up quite well. This is one of the projects that meets my knitting guidelines.

{This is Carmel almost two years ago in the one I knit for her.}

The second one I knit from the same pattern is the orange one pictured first. Orange, because I was trying to convince baby smiley finger to come out a bit early so she could wear her new sweater on Halloween. She didn't do that, which was fine because I didn't really like the color anyway and the neckline for a newborn isn't so great. The neck comes up so high that it kept triggering her rooting reflex and the poor baby girly was flipping her head all about like a little bobble head trying to get at something that just wasn't there. On the next sweater I changed the pattern to shorten the neckline to stay, well, around her neck. This seems to work much better for a newborn. In her next size up I will probably go back to the original pattern. See, already plans for the next one.