Thursday, September 2, 2010

It Grows

I've been feeling a bit unhealthy the last few days as my body tries to fight off (or with maybe, I'm not quite sure) some sort of nasty little virus that has taken up residence somewhere in my head and chest. On my way to bed last night I caught a glimpse of this very round person in the bathroom mirror and thought, "Oh my! That's me! I really am having a baby." Suddenly, after seeing that big belly I felt myself begin to lift out of the illness gloom I had been feeling for the last few days and instead feel so incredibly grateful. Here I am sniffling on the couch with my hanky in one hand and juice in the other feeling completely self absorbed thinking, "Come on here! Can't we get this thing licked? We have nesting to do! Let's speed this whole thing up now! Jeez." All the while, here is my little body working away and responding to my madness with something like, "Hey lady, I'm creating life here. Life. Got it? So why don't you just blow into your hanky a bit harder now, lay down, and let me do my job."

Oh now, that is just such a good idea. I think I'll do that.

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