Friday, July 16, 2010


The canning season kicked off to a pretty good start in early June. I have canned somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 jars of jam, several (12 or so) jars of fruit syrup for pancakes and about a gallon of applesauce.

Actually, the applesauce turned into something a little more akin to apple syrup after I confused the directions and added too much water. So right now we are spreading apple-cinnamon syrupy-sauce on our pancakes which has turned out to be unexpectedly delicious and quite the breakfast treat. I know that next year when the Lodi apples come in I will be asking myself, "Just exactly how was it that I botched that applesauce recipe because I sure would like to try that again." Happy little mistakes.
I did end up having to freeze the applesauce rather than can it because I wasn't too sure about the acid content with all the extra water and really didn't want to chance it. "Come to the table my little darlings. Mama is opening a jar of her homemade all natural apple-toxic-sauce." No. Freezing seemed to be a much better option.

And now I will be moving on the the next fruity juicy delicious thing wondering how on earth I'm going to get these things into a jar before we eat them all.

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