Thursday, February 11, 2010

New to our home

This morning we went into the big city of Cincinnati to the museum center. The last time we were there I had checked to see what sorts of Charley Harper paraphernalia they had, but they were completely out. It was a sad occasion. I do love Charley Harper. This time I got out of the car and ran through the parking lot with a stroller crashing along in front of me and ran straight into the gift shop. It was a beautiful sight. An entire wall of Charley Harper restocked and looking as lovely as ever. There were so many things I wanted to come home with and this memory game below was certainly one of them(this too!). But alas, we already have a memory game and I couldn't justify the purchase.

However, we did NOT have a Charley Harper coloring book or any other coloring book for that matter (that's my story!) nor did we have any beautifully illustrated flash cards that turn into a floor puzzle.
But we do now!

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