Thursday, February 4, 2010

New bread recipe

I was searching around this morning to find a bread recipe that would be easy for Owen to help out with and this one definitely takes the prize. It whips up three fine loaves in an hour and twenty minutes from start to finish which means I don't have to sit around most of the morning hovering over my rising bread. I do that. I also like to watch paint dry and wait for water to boil.

The bread only rises once in the oven at 200 degrees and once it doubles in size you turn up the oven and bake it. Incredibly easy and the loaves turn out so nice. The recipe is available here.

I will say that the downside is the amount of gluten. So very very good, but not so good for you. Such a shame. I would like to have a look at this book and try out some of the recipes in there for some gluten free loaves because I hear they are quite delicious. Has anyone made gluten-free bread (that didn't taste like a cinder block!)? I would certainly be interested in a good recipe.

a jam update:
So this summer when I announced I was going to can 70 jars of jam I heard that I was crazy many...MANY...times. I personally WANTED to believe that we would never use that much jam. As it turns out, yes, we really do use that much jam around here. So it looks like I better be gearing up for another 70 jars when those little berries start turning red.

February. Is it too early to be thinking about that?


  1. bread is very yummy, as well as the jam... :-)
    I often add flaxseed meal to my bread for more fiber. I will try your recipe. I heard you had a nice evening, even without painting, yesterday. You deserve it!! Anke

  2. We made Irish Soda bread today, which is about an hour project start to finish. The bread has raisins in it, which the little ones like (maybe wouldn't go with the strawberry jam, though). There is still a little bit of kneading, enough to be enjoyable but not so much that it gets tiring.
    Anyway, let me know if you are interested in the recipe and I'll send it to you. You could probably make it with whatever flour you want, but we made it with whole wheat.

  3. Here you might be interested in this blog and cookbook. Anke