Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ending January

To close out January properly we all took a nice long walk through the creek just at the foot of our little valley. I love to wonder along the frozen path of the water stopping to look every few feet at so many small and beautiful treasures just waiting to be found. Each little ice crystal. Some moss with an icy coat. A leaf just peeking through a frozen stream. It's all so beautiful and then with a few degrees of extra warmth the next day, it's all suddenly gone.

Here is a little something we tried to save from our walk.


  1. Oh my! That looks so cold. I am getting chills just looking at it. I am curious about the round shapes in the water in the first photograph. What is it exactly?

    As for posting today... well done! You did it! ;)

  2. Bubbles! Isn't it so cool? It is the same in the video. Tiny little pockets of air making their way under the ice.