Friday, July 10, 2009

Playing with snakes

For a while Andy and Owen were going out nearly daily to catch snakes around the garden. We have a few sheets of metal laying around from an old shed that once was but is no more. Together, the metal sheets used to make up a perfect little shed roof and now, as it turns out, they make a perfect little roof over the snake habitat that is our backyard. Owen loves watching Andy look around for those snakes and then, after much anticipation, finding one and quickly pulling it up from the ground. He hands it over to a smiling Owen.

Just look how happy it makes him.


  1. We have some snakes in our yard and Steve accidentally killed one with the lawn mower and than told Mia about it. That was the discussion over several days (why did Papa kill a snake with the lawn mover...). Few days later we saw an (alive) snake in the yard next to the garden, which the girls were very interested in, and first thing Mia did, was, apologizing to the snake that her dad had killed her sister...("he didn't mean too, it was an accident...") it was very hard felt and cute. They obviously like snakes, too. Anke

  2. Well maybe you could use a slithering little pet around your house then.... We'll catch one for you (and by "we" I mean, not me but Andy and Owen).

  3. We have snakes in our back yard too but I like to pretend that they don't exist. Rowan likes to look at snakes but refuses to touch them even after I ventured a stroke or two.