Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A sewing fix

I was listening to the sewing machine call to me the other day.  It went something like this:

Machine:  "Heya there J,  how are ya?  Wanna come in for a little visit?  Come on in here and just sit for a bit, won't cha?."  
Me:    "No time.  There's just no time right now, why, with weeds in the garden and strawberries to pick.  You understand, of course.  "  I replied weakly.
Machine:   (Gaining confidence) "Come on.  You know you want to.  No one has to know.  Just a few stitches.  What's it gonna hurt?
Me:  "Oh I guess you're right....just a few stitches...a few stitches....that never hurt anyone....Okay...I'll be right in!

This is what Carmel gained from my insanity.  A brand new skirt that was once her mama's shirt.  My 5 minute sewing fix.  I had been saving this, much to small for me, shirt because I just loved the fabric so much (tissue cotton, I think) and I couldn't bear to pass it along.  I lopped off the shirt somewhere below the sleeves and put in an elastic casing.  I saved the hem at the bottom of the shirt to be the skirt hem.  Easy.  Easy.  Which is about my speed right now.
The material makes for a perfect summer weight skirt for the Carms.  It is long enough to cover her little legs from the sun and light enough to stay cool.  I love it.

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  1. YOu are just amazing how you use a few minutes to make something. I think I just need more time to really be creative, I might just stitch an arm to a doll, or so, but that's much less rewarding... We are back, by the way, and looking for new adventures (not just sewing ones...) Anke