Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dresses, Dollies and Ducks

So I have been thinking about this totally cute dress and really really loving it.  I found it over on Made where she has a tutorial for creating one.  Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen? It is recycled from a man's dress shirt and transformed into this perfectly cute little girly dress. It will be a stretch to see if I can get the pattern to work for our teeny little Carms but I think I may be able to do it.  We'll see.  It is really worth the trip over to her website to see what she is making.
{*photo taken from Made}
Meanwhile, I have had this other project in the works and I keep telling myself that I can not...CAN NOT start that stinkin' cute dress until the other project is finished.  So I will wait. Maybe.
So here I am tonight thinking about these sweet little projects when I hear the bath water running and I think..."Ohhhh a bath.  Now that sounds really nice.  Yes.  A bath.  Don't mind if I do." 
I see Andy...  "Heya there Ange.  Are you running bath water?"  Funny look.  Funny look!
Me:  Andy?
Andy:  Yes?
Me:  Where are the ducks?
Andy:  What?      
Andy:  Hmm?
Me:  No.  No.  Please No!
Me:  Andy!  Do we have ducks swimming in our tub!!???!!!   Oh...Please-Please-No!  Please tell me no.....                               



  1. Sure, where else would they take a bath? It's to cold outside for them. Come on. (and I know I am probably your only friend who says that...) :-)

  2. Oh no, count this friend in for the ducks right to swim in a warm tub! :)

  3. Anyone and anyduck should have a warm, relaxing, peaceful, quiet bath once in a while (I think I am due for mine..)