Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I am just loving this picture. No, this is not my hand with beautifully painted nails holding a fish, but I so love the picture just because the two (fish and nails) are posing together for this photo. Those fingernails belong to our neighbor who was outside fishing this weekend.
She was kind enough to let Owen do some fishing with her. He loved it. How could he not?

I'm not too sure what he thought about trying to hold the fish. I think he was more excited to see what surprise would be on the end of that line each time it came out of the water. But really, that's what it's all about anyway right?

I see a lot more fishing in our future as these days get warmer and warmer. Oh the fun!


  1. Good for you! That will be lots of fun. I always see people fishing and think "that's something I would like for Rowan to experience some day." The thing is just that I have such a traumatic memory of catching a crab when I was little. I got such a fright that I through my brand new fishing rod into the river. So I lost my fishing rod and then my Mom was angry at me for loosing it. To the young Elaine that was really sad. Now not so much :) We will all have to go fishing some day - maybe then I can replace this ridiculous memory with a new and exciting one :)

  2. I do have to say, i am glad, that Steve will probably do fishing adventures, sitting for hours waiting to kill a fish isn't what I consider that much fun... I prefer tea parties... Carmel is very welcome to join us... :-)

  3. Elaine - We will certainly have to give you a new fishing experience. The times I spent fishing as a child are some of my happiest memories.

    Anke - Oh come on, we don't always KILL them you know. Well, unless we decide to eat them of course.