Sunday, March 29, 2009


Three years old today.

What a special day a birthday is.  We happily set aside an entire day to recognize the person we love.  They are so important to us that they get...a day.  Their own day.  Especially when they are so little, we find ourselves looking back and reflecting on this sweet young life.  What did we even do before there was you.  What did we do just three years ago?  Why does that seem so long ago?  

I had no idea how my life was going to change.  I stare at Andy in disbelief.  I had no idea how our life was going to change, who we were going to become.  Who knew it was possible to shed layer after layer of yourself until you think that there is nothing left of you.  There is nothing left and yet, what little remains is, ever so gracefully wrapping and molding around this new tiny beautiful being. And then suddenly, these new layers begin to form.  Late nights.   Early mornings. High fevers. New teeth.  First steps.  Layer after layer,  one on top of the other.  Day after day, unaware, we have been forming this entirely new person around remnants of the old. Changing shape just a little at a time.  Becoming parents. PARENTS.  A Father. A mother.  A momma.   Amazing!  Me, I get to be the momma to these precious beings that are growing and changing everyday. Life really is a gift.  

Oh my boy, put on your crown.  Today is your day.  Today we celebrate your life.  Today we celebrate the person you are, the person you are becoming.  Today we celebrate how rich you have made our lives in such a short span of time.  

You are special and wonderful every single day.  You have our attention, our love, our hearts, every single day.  But today, we will show you just how incredible you are.  Today, TODAY...



  1. Jaime, what a beautiful tribute to the gift of life, parenthood and childhood. Congratulations to all of you. Happy Birthday Owen!

  2. What a wonderful sentiment- we thought about all of you yesterday and hoped that the weather held out just a little bit over the valley so you could enjoy the day. Happy Birthday Owen! We love you!

  3. Happy Birthday Owen! You are one lucky little boy!