Monday, February 9, 2009

Fun with fire

This was taken just 4 days ago.

And this was taken tonight. What a beautiful evening. After dinner we sat around the fire. Andy and I were having a fun time playing with the shutter speed on the camera. We found it especially fun to pair the slow shutter speed with flaming sticks.

Can you even believe that Owen wasn't impressed to see his name written in flames above the fire pit? As you can imagine, we were completely thrilled with ourselves even if Owen was not.

Andy was the artist in this drawing. Isn't it great?


  1. I'm impressed. How did you guys do that? I love the shots of little Carmel...what blue eyes shes has.

  2. Yes it is! It's great! Love it!

  3. I set the shutter speed for 15 seconds and put the camara on a tripod. Andy used a stick with a flame on the end of it to slowly write OWEN while the shutter was open. Way Fun!

  4. It's me! Elaine! I am going to try and post my name now. Maybe it will work this time.

  5. OH Elaine! It's you. I'm so glad you posted. It's nice to know you're there. Thanks!