Thursday, February 12, 2009

Doing the math...

Waking up. Wondering what kind of a day it will be. Mmmm, Andy's special recipe whole wheat pancakes. That sounds sooo good.
Bah. No eggs. "But wait!"
Andy runs out to check on the ducks.
And the day went as follows:

ONE perfectly formed duck egg.

ONE very delicious stack of Andy's special recipe whole wheat pancakes (yay ducks!)

ONE tiny little girl takes her first step all by her (very proud) self.

ONE very lovely visit with friends, which led to...

ONE very lovely walk with said friends.

ONE very long nap, both Owen and Carmel.

ONE full hour of knitting on Carmels sweater during nap time.

ONE very special visit with two very special people after nap time. Oh how we love that na-na and papa.

ONE jar of applesauce opened for an after dinner treat.

ONE cupful of very special early fall memories peeling apples with grandma and grandpa.

Working up the totals here....

ONE very fine day. How's my math?


  1. So, she is starting her first steps, yeah, beware...

  2. Oh Anke I know it! I am very afraid.

  3. Looks and sounds like a very fine day to me!