Friday, January 16, 2009

A little sunshine

Temperature 5°
Feels like -12°

A little chilly, yes, but there was sunshine. And so, Owen, Carmel, and I did our best to chase that sunshine all around the yard this afternoon on our way to see some of our favorite 4-legged neighbors. They even braved the wind to come out of the barn for a visit.

It was a short visit for us though before we were ready to come inside and warm up by the fire. I think it is by the fire where we may be found for the next couple of very chilly days.
Hope everyone has a great weekend. Stay warm.


  1. This is a very cool picture. I first thought, wow their barn really looks good. But then, I came woke up.

  2. Funny how 5 degrees can feel like a heatwave after coming back from Minnesota isn't it? Our friend in St Paul said it was subzero (no wind chill factor taken into account) now for over 60 hours. Love the cow shadow you creative girl!