Thursday, January 22, 2009

Apron days

Quite sometime ago I was at a thrift store and saw the cutest little pink floral dress. "This thing is begging to be my apron and I am just the creative genius to pull it off," I said to myself. "Ahh yes, what an incredibly new and fantastic idea. I am a genius!" I took the little dress home, cut it up, stitched it and wore it with great pride for many months. Later, while doing a search online for apron patterns, I found that everyone and their brother has already had that idea. Now, that was a downer.

But I still love my apron, and on the days I reach for it I feel like I'm reaching for...well, my wonder twin. Wonder twin powers shape of...a domestic diva. Really now, I need that apron, otherwise I'm just walking around the house in my pajamas and the holey slippers that I have had since I was a sophomore in high school. Oh but with that cute little pink apron on, I become a woman that can run a house. I feel happier too, and I'm not the only one who notices.

Yesterday Owen was in the kitchen with me and he said "hey, you a nice momma with that thing on. You a good momma with it off, but you a nice momma with it on." Cute kid. Well said.

So, I figured if an apron was good for me then an apron must be good for him. Hey, and while I'm at it, they might as well match. Right? Right.

You didn't think I was going to make my sweet boy wear a pink floral apron did you? Nah. I'm not going to retire my pink floral because it makes me feel pretty, but I can get into this blue one too. I made these from another dress that I had thrifted last year sometime. I loved the fabric and just couldn't pass it up. It's 100% linen and it feels so good. Why does linen feel so good? I love sewing with it and I love wearing it. You know what I really really love though?

That belly.


  1. I love the belly too. Your the Martha Stewart of the Valley.

  2. You know, I am quite possibly the only one with a sewing machine in this here little valley. Far from Martha though. She's my idol.