Friday, January 30, 2009

Along comes snow

It has been such a beautiful wintry scene here the past several days. A fairly heavy snow came in on Wednesday and the views that came along with it have just been delightful. I only wish my photos could do it justice.

Our trees have been moaning loudly under the weight of such a thick layer of ice as they sway back and forth even in the lightest breeze.

From the barn things are looking good.

Ava has been trying to get her nostrils on that new little boy. She is forever slinking her way into the barn just hoping she can slip by us so she can explore all of his new baby goat smells.

And our little boy is doing just fine. Not quite a week old, and Andy reported today that he was trying to jump up and stand on his mommas back this evening. We are getting pretty close to deciding on a name for him. I'll have to report back to you on that.

After they finished up some chores in the barn, Andy and Owen headed out for a little hike on Wednesday with Ava leading the way.

It will be sad to see such a beautiful white cover just melt away, but it will happen so very soon. Better enjoy it while it lasts. So here's to a weekend of wet snow pants, runny noses, rosy cheeks, cold little fingers, cold little toes and many mugs of hot chocolate. Enjoy.


  1. snow is so pretty. I forgot to take my camera when Findels and I took a walk the other day. but he was busy finishing off a raccoon anyway... :-( I wasn't happy.
    Unfortunately Mia and Ella are not getting to enjoy the snow too much, as they have pneumonia... but doing okay, fortunately.
    We "cook" with snow in the sink. Very yummy, pretend and real. Stay warm, Anke

  2. Unsolicited advice for names of goat boy:
    Billie, PeeNut, Guard of the Valley, Fragrant One.(Will he be neutered so as not to carry on the dis-stink-shun of his father? Enjoying the blog,Jaime--maybe need a bit more Carmel. Love Mom

  3. Anke-I love the idea of bringing some snow inside. I will have to do that next week. I sure hope the kids will be feeling better soon.

    Mom-still working on the name. We can't get Owen off of Little SkunkNut. He does like Milkdud though. We're still undecided here.